Ask Peay’s Electric and we can help you to answer your questions and get help with your home or commercial electrical problems.  Ever wonder why your outlet is not working?  How to get your christmas lights to stop tripping the circuits?  We answer these electrical problem questions and more.  Don’t see your electrical question answered here?  Ask Brevard Electricians by posting your electric question or comment at the bottom of this page.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, if you are interested in a quote, we will gladly schedule an appointment to come out and take a look at the work to be done to give you a free accurate quote so you know the cost before the work is started. In some cases we may even be able to quote some things without an on site visit.  REQUEST A FREE QUOTE

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Checks or Money Orders as well as Credit Cards through our secure on-line payment link

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of Brevard, Osceola, Port St. Lucie & Indian River Counties. REQUEST A FREE QUOTE

Brevard County Cities/Towns that we service:

Bayside Lakes, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Eau Gallie, Grant, Grant-Valkaria, Indilantic, Indian Harbour Beach, Indian River CIty, June Park, Malabar, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Melbourne Village, Merritt Island, Micco, Mims, Palm Bay, Palm Shores, Port Saint John, Rockledge, Satellite Beach, Sharpes, South Patrick Shores, Titusville, Valkaria, Viera, West Melbourne, Whispering Hills Golf Estates

Indian River Cities / Towns that we service:

Barefoot Bay, Fellsmere, Florida Ridge, Gifford, Indian River Shores, North Beach, Orchid, Roseland, Sebastian, South Beach, Vero Beach, Wabasso, Wabasso Beach, Winter Beach

Osceola Cities/Towns that we service:

Harmony, St. Cloud

 Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are Florida State Registered and we carry multiple insurances as required for us to do business in the state.

Do you warranty your work?

All of our work is warrantied for one year from installation.

How often should I replace my batteries in my smoke detectors?

Every 6 months. The fire department recommends the batteries be changed at daylight savings.

When can you start?

After you accept our proposal we can usually get started the same week or the next week depending on the size of the job.  REQUEST A FREE QUOTE

What types of electrical work do you do?

Residential new construction, remodels, additions, repairs and service as well as commercial projects.

How long are my smoke detectors good for?

The manufacturer recommends that they be replaced after ten years. Smoke detectors normally have a manufacture date stamped on them so you can determine the age of your smoke detectors.  

My bedroom is pre-wired for a ceiling fan but only has one switch. I would like to operate the fan and light on two switches. Can this be done?

If the ceiling fan is in fact pre-wired with the correct wiring, either a second switch can be added or a stackable switch can be installed.  

The outlet in my bathroom is not working. What is causing this?

Most likely there is a GFI receptacle located in another bathroom which controls the outlet. Try resetting the GFI. Normally, the GFI is in the bathroom closest to the electrical panel.

I have outlets on my front and back porch but they are not getting any power.

The receptacles on the exterior of your home are GFI protected. Normally the GFI that controls the exterior receptacles is located in the garage or at the front door exterior. Carefully check all of your GFIs and reset them as there may be more than one. Be sure to check thoroughly as the receptacle may be hidden by something stacked in front of it.

My fluorescent light fixture in the kitchen is flickering. I have tried replacing the light bulbs but the problem still exists. What is causing this?

If you have tried changing the bulbs, then the problem is probably a bad ballast. Replacing the ballast should eliminate the problem.

There is a recessed light over my shower. When I leave it on for long periods of time, it shuts off and I can only turn it back on after it has been off for a while. I have tried changing the light bulb.

The recessed cans are equipped with thermal heat sensors and if they get too hot, they automatically shut off. This is a safety feature. Normally, we find the problem to be insulation around the can of the recessed light in the attic. If the insulation is moved away from the recessed can, it usually will fix the problem.

On the back of my house, I have two flood lights with motion sensors. Currently they are set up to go on at night if they detect motion. What if I want to leave them on all the time and not use the motion sensor?

If your flood lights are wired to a switch, you can turn the switch to the off position then immediately back on. This overrides the motion sensor and allows you to keep the lights on. If you want to reactivate the motion sensor, simply turn the switch off for a few minutes and turn it back on. They will reset to operate on the motion sensor.

How can I protect my appliances from surges?

There are several types of surge protection devices available to help protect you against power surges. Depending on the type of electrical panel you have, some manufacturers offer a breaker that installs in your electrical panel to protect the circuits in your panel. There is also a whole house surge protection system that covers your phones & TVs in addition to the circuits in your panel. In addition, many of the power companies offer surge protection for an additional monthly charge.

My home is about 50 years old. Do I need to update my electrical panel?

Some of the older electrical panels are no longer manufactured so obtaining a new breaker if needed can be difficult and very expensive. Updating to new equipment allows you to have the most up to date technology and safety features. Additionally, replacement parts are more readily available should they be needed. Keep in mind that your insurance company may offer you a discount for doing a panel change as well.

I have my Christmas lights and several holiday decorations plugged into one of my outlets on the front of the house. The breaker keeps tripping. Do I need to replace the breaker?

It sounds like your circuit may be overloaded. The outside receptacles are not designed to hold a constant load. A lot of people will add a dedicated circuit for their holiday decorations to avoid this type of nuisance tripping. Consider adding receptacles at the soffitt if you hang holiday lights on the house as well. A switch or scheduled timer can even be added so you can easily turn them on and off each night without having to go outside and unplug the lights and/or decorations.