Brevard Electricians – Peays Electric II only uses the finest quality products in all of our services.  We feel that using the best quality electrical components will ensure that you have a safe and trouble free experience in the future.  Higher quality products last longer, produce better results and require less maintenance and service.  By investing in your future, we are also investing in ours!

Peay’s Electric II supports the Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship Program of Melbourne, Florida. The Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship Program, taught at the Eastern Florida College of Palm Bay, FL, graduates students who are skilled and trained in electricians duties in the college’s local area.   The four-year, state-certified program has students attending evening classes twice per week and working 8,000 hours over the four years where they get on-the-job training.

Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program, Inc.

Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship Program, Inc.
700 N. Wickham Road, Suite 108
Melbourne, FL 32935
Contact: Lola Giacona


Peay’s Electric II uses only the finest quality materials and products in all of our jobs. We believe that using the highest quality electrical products gets the job done right the first time.  Using cheap parts or components means that you will have to hire a service electrician to come back and do the job again after only a short time.  Quality is meant to last.  It may cost a little bit more to get your electrical job done at first but, in the end you save a significant amount of time and money because the job will only have to be done once.  Beware of those electricians who charge you a cheap price that seems too good to be true.  Peay’s Electric has been here for over a decade and we will continue to remain confident in the quality of our electricians and the carefully hand selected products that we use.  We are so confident in our electrician services that we offer a one-year service guarantee.  Please contact our office for more information on how you have peace of mind for your next home electrical project or repair.